View Full Version : Emulate other scsi devices?

22.02.2003, 07:05
First, thank you for this great tools.

Since daemon tools already emulates scsi adaptor and scsi dvdrom, is it possible to emulate scsi floppy/mo/zip/hdd and use disk or memory for storage?

22.02.2003, 15:58
Removable HDD is possible.

22.02.2003, 18:26
what would be the use of an emulatet HDD? U just can safe the files directly on ur HDD :D FLoppy or zip are usesless too I guess because u just can put this stuff on a CD too ...

27.02.2003, 19:39
If it uses memory for storage, then it's a ramdrive.
If it uses disk for storage, then it's like zipfolder with no compression,
could be handy for storing large number of small files, and you don't need
an additional partition with small cluster size for it.

28.02.2003, 05:50
Yeah, maybe it has sense for some people. We'll consider such option in the future.