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22.02.2003, 21:19
i tried using clone cd (registered) to clone the 3 cds of ut2003...used dt to mount disc 1...autorun comes up...good so far...while installing, an error message pops up (cyclic redundancy check)...installed using original cds...tried to play with images...program starts to go...hdd activity, hourglass mouse, etc...mouse pointer changes to a spinning cd...then nothing...no error message, no black screen, or anything else...i tried again with the task manager loaded...when the mouse pointer changed into cd, the ut2003 exe expanded into 20+ mb of ram use, and about 5% cpu usage...after about 10 sec, the mouse pointer returns to normal and the program disappears from task manager...same thing happens with unreal 2...any thoughts? :wink:

22.02.2003, 23:31
bad image?!

Btw ... UT suckz Q3A owns!

23.02.2003, 00:51
CRC error: Bad image!
Game does not start: SecuROM 4.8x not copyable with CloneCD - use Alcohol with SecuROM 4.8x profile (i.e. with DPM);
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mount .mds-image and have fun.
UT2003 sucks bigtime btw!

13.04.2003, 05:16
tried that...still the same prob...what now?

26.04.2003, 07:16
I get the same thing, and my ut2k3 is somewhere in this room.

It's protected with the latest Securrom, though enabling securom emulation does nothing.

24.10.2007, 18:30
The spinning mouse pointer is a copy protection issue that I FINALLY fixed. I downloaded TrashReg and deleted all ASProtect entries, all Armadillo enries and PCguard entries. Before this I cleaned the system of all StarForce drivers and reg entries as well as SecuROM. After removing StarForce and SecuROM I still had the Spinng CD of death so I fired up trash reg (after backing up the Registry) and had my way with the evil copy protection. Now I can again play or install from a CDR without issue. I found that the ASProted is copyrighted to StarForce! Imagine that. Most Evil copy protection I have had to deal with to date. It seems StarForce has had a hand in this. ASProtect is used to package and protect many trial versions as well as full versions of games and software. I tested all my trial versions and games and all still worked perfectly. My PC is once again mine. Still having one last issue with makeing Clone CD and ISO images on some games but I will get to the bottom of that issue. Best of Luck, Need2Win

25.10.2007, 12:22
Have you looked at the date of the last posting? 2003, this was 4 years ago.

Also CloneCD is very outdated to create backups and also ISO images doesnt contain copy protection related informations. Use Alcohol 52/120% or Daemon Tools Pro to create proper images which can run the copy protected games.