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23.02.2003, 18:35

i asked if my writer is able to create working copies well i think it is, cauz i created a working backup of james bond nightfire which uses the most recent safedisk version (2.8) but i am to dumb to create a working backup of battlefield anyone got a solution how to handle this ? i am using alc 120%

thanks a lot


23.02.2003, 19:00
If you were able to copy Nightfire, you're able to copy Battlefield 1942 but it would help if you told everyone what writer you have. You can't expect everyone (or anyone) to remember what it is just because you posted details in some other thread (assuming that you did).

23.02.2003, 20:34
@philamber: His writer is Cyberdrive CW03

@Slater: According to clonecd, there is a burner called CW038D (i assume this is yours). Clonecd reports no sheep. This means that either the burner hasn't been tested, or it cannot write efm.

23.02.2003, 21:14
Well I've never heard of a 2 sheep Cyberdrive so with that writer, I'd try alcohol with safedisc 2 settings and hope for the best.

If it worked for Nightfire it should work for Battlefield. (Presumably Bypass efm error works ok with the writer or Nightfire would have failed.)

[Edit: Apparently the Cyberdrive CW099D is a 2 sheep writer.]

24.02.2003, 15:07
Hi thanks for your help,
it worked and i burned battlefield... but the problem is just my dvd drive is able to read the cd correctly (toshiba SD-M1612 great drive) but my writer isnt. is it possible that the burned cd can just be read by the drive created the image ? but i also think my writer isnt able to create a working image but he is actually able to create a working cd read by my dvd drive
hope you understand my question :)

24.02.2003, 15:43
Your writer can play/read the backup, the problem is the ATIP-check in SafeDisc2, so youÒ‘ve to enable a "hide-ATIP"-function of cd burning software like CloneCD, Alcohol etc., or enable Daemon Tools SafeDisc emulation.