View Full Version : Errors Installing Programs With DT

24.02.2003, 03:08
I've tried several differant versons of DT, I'm on 3.29 at the moment. Whenever I try to install, well a lot of differant games, it gives me an error that says it failed a "cyclic redundancy check" it usually does it about where a cd change should be and does it every time. I've used clone cd v4.0.1.3 to make my images and if I burn them to cd they work. It's just if I use DT to install, if I install with a cd then I can use DT to run. I'm not sure what's going on I figure I'm probably doing something wrong if anyone could shed some light on what's happening it would be very helpful especially since I back up all my software and run from images or copies, never originals, and have lost my cd-wallet of copies. I'm just way too cheap and lazy to re-burn them all.