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09.10.2005, 19:33
Operating System: win xp home
Burning Software: nero, easy cd creator, alcohol
Anti-virus Software: mcafee
DAEMON Tools Version: newest

Hello. Just purchased Dragonshard and Black and white 2 and when I make an image of them and try to start the game from their emulated image my computer restarts. I get the same problem with both games and the same thing happens in alcohol.
Anyone else have this problem?

09.10.2005, 23:07
Right-click my computer, go to properties, advanced, start and reset (dunno exactly what it's called, i'm using a german version of windows) and disable "automatically perform restart".

Whenever Windows gets a blue screen, it'll automatically reboot - this way, you'll prevent that from happening so you can tell us what the bluescreen says.

10.10.2005, 01:57
Operating System: Win XP SP2 with all pre-SP3 patches
Burning Software: Nero 7 and ISORecorder v2B2
Anti-virus Software: NOD 32 with SAV 10 backup
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

In English versions it is:

System properties (you get that by right clicking My Computer on the desktop and selecting properties, or by pressing [WindowsKey] + [Pause} or by going to Control Panel --> System)
Advanced Tab
Startup and Recovery Settings button
uncheck Automatically restart