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10.10.2005, 17:26
hiya,i recently uninstalled daemon toolz..went to reinstall it again and everytime i try i get a ...DONG! 'CANNOT UNPACK INSTALLER!' error message.
i dont get this with anything else ever,so i installed the daemon 3.46 msi version from the site,and that works perfect..i cant seem to find a 3.47 msi version anywhere and my only worry about this is when 4 is released i wont be able to use it. :( same as i cant use 3.47 now :(
please could someone tell me how to fix this error or tell me if msi versions of 3.47 or 4.0 will be released?

my specs...

xp corporate edition
2gb of 400 fsb ddr
radeon 9800 pro
amd 3000+ xp barton
2x 500gb hdd

like i said i have had no problem ver installoing anything,or anything since.

10.10.2005, 21:01
Did you try redownloading it from here? The 3.47 from here is also just a wrapped-up MSI installer... so i'm kinda boggled. And AFAIK v4 won't use MSI, they said.

10.10.2005, 23:37
o man :( yeh this is the only place i have got it from

11.10.2005, 11:40
Can you post a screenshot of that error message?

(you can google for free image hosting)

11.10.2005, 11:43
Do you have full access to Windows temp folder and Windows\Downloaded Installations folder (the folder where the msi is unpacked to)?

11.10.2005, 21:52
yes i do have full access,ill look now (but it wont help me install daemon 4 :( )


before i click install




i know i have a skinned toolbar (it is xp to look like vista) but i have only just litrally installed that skin in teh last 10 minutes,i have had this problem for weeks

11.10.2005, 21:58
sweet i found 3.47 in the temp folder,but how will i manage it when 4.0 is released?

11.10.2005, 23:20
Where'd you get that xp skin?

12.10.2005, 00:21
xp vista skin= http://www.crystalxp.net/ (does not use style xp/windows blinds or any other sytem resource hogging proggys...my pc boots up just as quick as before the skin)

On Topic...

so anyway....i got daemon 3.47 running again (but for some reason the old installation left 4 dud virtual drives behind-which i have disabled but cant get rid of properly)

my main concern is,if 4.0 is going to be a non-msi file..how will i install it? will you give us the option to download the msi file? im sure that will cheer up alot of people who dont want to format there drive if they get a problem like mine.[/b]

12.10.2005, 03:30
Now, didn't you say you hadn't any other problems relating to installing anything else? Might be a good guess this shouldn't show up with v4 since it isn't that same installer then... and to remove leftover drives from previous installations see here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=506), but make sure you don't confuse your new installation with the old one (or uninstall first).

12.10.2005, 09:17
I think you must have corrected the permissions on some of the folders on your hard drive. I think that's the reason why you won't see problems like this anymore. Thanks for taking those screenshots, glad to hear you got it working.

12.10.2005, 13:22
thank you guys,see you again when 4.0 is released :P