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11.10.2005, 18:43
Please stop to irritate the admin and the programmers. Theu are people which want to help us with making a good version and you just f*ck them!
Please stop it or we will all have problems.

19.10.2005, 17:52
I agree, stop irritating the people who are doing the work with unneeded questions or PM's. How would you like it if someone kept calling you every hour at night wanting to know if you will do something for them? Myself, I would get quite irritated and have the telephone people block your number.

These things are why they call me.....

Grumpy Troll

Black Magix
20.10.2005, 04:16
either I misread that or that says please stop TO irritate the admins.....

20.10.2005, 04:58
You're right Black Magix (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/portal/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=36121), the thing is there are a lot of non native English speakers on this forum. I bet there are hundreds of posts like Dima_2005's. :)

Mauro Rosati
23.10.2005, 15:56
It's true, stop bother admin, they're working for us. ;)

24.10.2005, 05:35
Well, his post was kind of funny. :)

27.10.2005, 20:23
Yeah you're right, my englisch just sucks.

27.10.2005, 20:49
I just thought the title and subject of this thread was entirely funny.

28.10.2005, 00:36
The only problem is that I think people have acualy lisened to your posts content and started to irritate the admins! hehe, although your post is way after all the problems so I doubt that it is your post that did it. ^_^

I will say that your english, Dima_2005, is better than some of the poeple that I know which english is their only language.... So dont feel bad about your what you write.

28.10.2005, 02:02
No need for anyone to feel bad about stuff like that ever... NOONE EVER SHOULD. Language is no more than just a tool/medium to transfer content... if the content gets delivered (and you delivered what you wanted to deliver) then it's all there... and all about that, eh? ;)