View Full Version : Appropriate forums and choice of language

12.10.2005, 15:08
In the last weeks, many people have become annoyed for various reasons, some of them quite understandable. Some are anxiously waiting for the release of DT4 final, expressing their impatience or asking for beta versions, others got irritated because those same questions have been asked over and over again, cluttering all our forums, and many people are angry because a minority that doesn't give a damn about the rules harmed everyone by forcing us to close registration.

We encourage everyone to share their thoughts if they want to. But please, don't forget a few basic terms of etiquette:

Choose the right forum to post in. Everything that is not directly related to the software belongs to the OFF-TOPIC forum and nowhere else.

Watch your language, be respectful and avoid profanity! I understand that many people feel strongly about what they have to say, but this is a public place, and we want everyone who adheres to the basic rules to feel welcome here. So please don't use strong language, don't insult anybody no matter how wrong you think they are.

Right now, it's hard enough to keep this forum a nice place and clean of discussions about illegal activities. Please don't make it harder by provoking flamewars!

17.10.2005, 13:51
Anyone who cannot respect this place should be immediately banned ;) This webpage is awesome, the stats, etc., the program is a unique marvel that should be treasured like my ex (tha bitch) [edit: removed drama] :)