View Full Version : Just a little ranting.

Black Magix
13.10.2005, 16:54
I've been keeping up with the current events of Daemon Tools now for the month. I've even emailed Locutus to register I enjoy the program so much. I'm sick of these people who complain or moan about something not being good enough. Need I remind this community that Daemon Tools is a FREE product? It infuriates me to see someone moan about not being able to do everything they wanted to. The Daemon Tools team take time out of their personal lives to design and work on your problems and help you by releasing a new version of Daemon Tools by the end of the month (can't wait btw ;) ) and all I hear is when is it coming out; Why isn't it out yet; is out yet?;
Now dont get me wrong. If Daemon Tool did something horrible like reformat your entire computer (which I haven't seen happen yet >.< ) then that would be a valid reason to complain but when someone complains about not being able to do some mediocre task...well....
I'm sure the team would LOVE suggestions from you about POSSIBLE ways to make it better but if you hate daemon-tools just because the icon is red/green in the system tray....go design something to change it. Its not like you can't modify and change the program yourself.
Daemon Tools Team - Here's my personal shout out for doing such a great job and still keeping it free! You have my support 100% any chance of a donate link for paypal or otherwise?