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Black Magix
13.10.2005, 16:57
What would you guys reccommend for a good CD\DVD drive? The current brands I like a lot are Lite-on and Sony...

13.10.2005, 17:43
Well, what do you mean with CD/DVD drive? A DVD-ROM or a DVD-RW drive?

Black Magix
15.10.2005, 14:31
just a brand name you see on drives....Sony Lite-On etc.

16.10.2005, 02:55
Is there a good DVD+/-RW dual layer drive on sale that has nice price and properly does images of copy protected discs? My little brother is bying a new computer, so I might as well recommed a good one...

16.10.2005, 07:30
NEC ND-3540A