View Full Version : Shutdown problem (WinME)

08.11.2002, 18:45
Daemon tools are great work !!
But I have a problem with the shutdown of my PC. If Daemon tools are installed, the shutdown of the PC is not possible (the systems hangs or sometimes it just reboots). I am working on a WinME system with a Via KT133 chipset. The Alcohol 120% software causes the same problem. Is there any solution for that problem ? :cry:

08.11.2002, 19:34
Were you/are you running adaptec easy cd creator? I think there was a funny problem if you removed easy cd creator with system lockups. There is a patch (goto microsoft.com support, and search for easy cd creator).

08.11.2002, 19:40
Please do a Windows Update via MS Windows Update (IE -> Extras -> Windows Update) to ensure that your WindowsME is up-to-date ...

09.11.2002, 11:23
Thanks for the replies. I did never use adaptec easy cd creator (only nero). My system is always up to date (newest MS updates are installed). Is there possibly a problem with the Promise Ultra100 controller driver?

10.11.2002, 04:09
It is a particular problem, it only happaned with some particular combination. VeNoM386 already find the way to solve this problem. Please wait for next release patiently. :-)

BTW, as I know, this problem only happened with shutdown function, now I always use restart to skip this problem.