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14.11.2002, 18:56

Great software!!

But I got on problem with WinXP Pro SP1, after I installed 3.23 my computer restarts all the time. Everytime i try to start it ---> Auto reboot

And if I try to reinstal, reboot... I have even re-instaled WinXP, but that did not help either! Help!! :?:

I have a MSI 845 Ultra P4 chipset, dont use onboard Raid system ... disabled in BIOS. I realy need some help to get it to work.

Please send me a mail if U got an answer! alftonn@online.no

PS. I forgot to mention that I have a fileserver where I have my ISO and Bin images. And I also have a Router/DHCP/switch, and I use a SMC EZ Card 10/100 on my computer.

There are 4 other computers on this nettwork, and they dont have any problems!

Another detail is that if I copy ISO/BIN files local on my HD, I dont get this problem. .. strange! :shock:

14.11.2002, 19:54
Remove antivirus or firewall software.

14.11.2002, 20:03
Haha, that was the only thing I didnt try earlier.. thanks alot m8, it works now. Wow, all those bad words that could have been avoided.. :lol: A god thing that my son not was here some hours ago!

Thanks again! :D

17.11.2002, 17:13
ok my brother has the same problem with reboots upon install of d-tools. its a fresh install of winxp with sp1. we have no firewall/antivirus software running (as far as i know and have checked). We have a linksys router and linksys switch. I have no problems running d-tools on my computer. If he disconnects his network card from the network, however, d-tools has no problems. anyway if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know


17.11.2002, 20:12
Seems to be a problem with the network card driver. Try to get an updated version!

22.11.2002, 22:35

It seems I have the same problem since I updated from 3.16 to 3.26...

I use a firewall, but don't want to disable it...

I had to "go back to the previous working state" of windows xp for my machine to boot nearly normally... but then, it disabled the dtools driver...

So now I'm hesitating between rolling back to 3.16, or should I wait for a fix for this pb ?

TestMan, France

28.11.2002, 20:06
Am I one of the three unlucky guys in the world having this problem to be ignored like that ?

Because I'm asking myself, what link could exist between D-tools (or even Alcohol 120°, that does the same reboot thing...) and a firewall...

D-tools is so a great piece of software... and I would have donated for long if I had some money... but now I can't even play my favorite games without having to use the original Cd, which I had packed for some time now...

Anyway, thanks in advance for any answer that could help me and the others in the same case... (perhaps they're waiting that their PC boot one day... and so can't post anymore to explain the problem...)


28.11.2002, 20:55
Try and disable your firewall temporarily (as well as virus scanners). THen install d-tools, and see if that fixes the problem. Also, try uninstalling d-tools, then removing any devices with questions next to them. Then rebooot.

29.11.2002, 12:17
;oreover you shoudn't forget that this is a FREE program where people spend there FREE time in developing and supporting it for people like you!
So if you can't be helped or don't get an answer immediately - bad luck ;).

Moreover you could've at least tried another firewall or some other things on your own! As this problem is rather seldom I simply suppose it's a problem in other software(s). And we cannot always work around every problem in everysoftware!

29.11.2002, 12:26
I know it's free, and I don't want an immediate answer, nor do I wan't a solution, but I just wanted to know if we were many to have this probem...

Anyway, I tried to disable the firewall (ZoneAlarm Pro...) and its service (TrueVector...);
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but no way, I'll try to uninstall it completely this evening...

btw, do you know another good (and perhaps free) firewall software ?
(that perhaps would be compatible wit D-tools...)