View Full Version : How to mount BIN/TOC image?

24.02.2003, 10:11
I got some CD images in BIN/TOC format. How can I mount these with Deamon Tools?

So far I only needed to mount BIN/CUE format, which worked perfectly well, but now I got some BIN/TOC images, but when I try to mount an image, Deamon Tools doesn't want files with BIN or TOC extension!

If Daemon Tools can't mount TOC files, is there an easy way to transform BIN/TOC to something else (BIN/CUE for example)? From a quick look at the TOC file it seems to serve the same purpose as a CUE file, so maybe there is an easy way to transform the one into the other? I am looking for an easier way than actually burning the BIN/TOC to a CD and then extracting that CD again to a format that Deamon Tools can mount (that is the way I am doing it right now, and it is a very time consuming process obviously).

I am running Windows 2000 and have Deamon Tools 3.16 installed, so far without problems except what I mention in this post.

24.02.2003, 14:25
Have you tried renaming the .toc to .cue, or making a .cue file yourself (generally most cue files are identical...)?