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14.10.2005, 22:49
Operating System: XT
Burning Software: N/A atm
Anti-virus Software: N/A atm
DAEMON Tools Version: 347

Hi newly regestered, long time fan :)

I intend to play a new starforce protected game and think I understand after reading help text and faqs, renaming the 2 system files during install is part of the workaround for starforce.
I didnt understand the first time I installed 347 when given the option to rename the bus and miniport driver, so I am reinstalling and would like to understand as well as do it correctly :)

I see that I am offered 1 addition letter/number/symbol, is idea just to add a new charater to front or back of sys files or do you suggest renaming them completly?

This is a little OT but do you recomend uninstalling this starforce asap after you finish your game?
Is it a danger as some have reported?
Is starforce a perminent install or can it be revomed via Add and Remove, I have download some offical tool to remove starforce drivers, not sure if it works thou?

Appoligies for so many questions and if they are newb.
I have read about so much horror/problems with starforce, antiblaxx and others.
I am willing to ask dumb questions if it helps prevent me from having to reformat :wink:

15.10.2005, 07:02
Just renaming those two drivers will, sadly, NOT help you with St0rkForce - it's way too sophisticated to fall for just that. IMHO it's never a bad idea to rename them anyway - won't hurt, may help with other stuff (and can please your girlfriend if you name'em after her :P ) ... St0rkForce ain't an Add/Remove thingy but if the 'official tool' for St0rkForce removal is the one you got from here (http://onlinesecurity-on.com/downloads/sfdrvrem.zip) it should be ok. Looks like quite some issues with their drivers are still unresolved, so i'd call it a good idea to not let them into anywhere unless you feel to have no choice. And if you're feeling like asking dumb questions, go on and start them ... you didn't yet :wink: