View Full Version : When I run a back up it looks for image in real drive.......

24.02.2003, 19:25
instead of the virtual one any help with this would be much appreciated.

24.02.2003, 19:56
How about some more info? E.g. which game ...

24.02.2003, 20:03
Age of mythology, I installed it using an image on the virtual drive and now when I run the executable to run the game it looks for it in the real drive and not the virtual one.

02.03.2003, 04:08
you can either remove your real CD-ROM
or perhaps if you have Win2000/XP go to administrative options in control panel, go to computer management, click disk management, and you can select your real drive, change the drive letter(to whatever temporarily) then select your virtual drive, and change it to the drive letter your real drive was, then try to run AOM again