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16.10.2005, 14:52
Can you please help me ? I've read all the common problems about daemon tools and have also tried uninstaling it few times. I have deleted all the drivers manualy rebootet even tried to install the older version.
When i try to install the program everything is working proparly, then suddenly my pc reboots. I managed to install the 3.46 but then i got an error about language. When i try to reinstall 3.47 i get the name conflict. Then i followed the steps of error 2005 and tried to install it again and the same thing happens ...
What should i do ?
Tnx for helping.

16.10.2005, 15:02
Post in the correct forum. ;)
Check if you've minidump (in Windows\Minidump folder) related to that BSOD, if so send newest file to support@daemon-tools.cc with reference to this thread.
Do NOT re-install before the problem is solved!

16.10.2005, 15:44
I've sollved the problem... I have a card reader this means extra 5 drives. And when i tried to install daemon tools there was a problem with the drives name... so i went to hardware manager and disabled 5 drives then deleted all previous daemon tools drivers rebooted and tried again. It worked. Then i enabled the card drives again and everything is working ok now. Anyways tnx for help.

16.10.2005, 19:06
thanks for your report!

18.10.2005, 13:00
Operating System: XP Media center
Burning Software: Nero 6.6 (w/o Image drive---Nero Image drive caused reboot also)
Anti-virus Software: AVG 7.0.344
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

thanks for your report!

Thanks from me too--the OP's tip resolved the reboot while install for me also.(I've been gratefully using DT on my old PC for years without any problems. The trouble started when I got a new PC with all these built-in card readers.)

What is the highest drive letter Daemon Tools will accept? For me, it installed as G, but rebooted the machine when I tried to install it as M.

Looking forward to DT 4.0. :-)


18.10.2005, 13:05
The drive letter assignment is done by Windows, not Daemon Tools, so everything up to Z is "acceptable", although it MUST NOT crash if you change the drive letter.

21.10.2005, 04:30
Operating System: Windows XP Home
Burning Software: Nero 7 Ultra
Anti-virus Software: Avast! 4.6 Home Edition
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

Argh! Issues, issues. Here's my problem.

Got a new computer, one SATA HDD and one IDE HDD. Problems were encountered when installing the latest Daemon. What was the problem? My computer reboots upon installation. Luckily, I have restore points set up so I can just move back.

So I read the posts here, and I've tried disabling all drives (I have a total of 5. The SATA is partitioned into a main drive, and a recovery drive, the IDE hard drive, and a CD-ROM and DVD-RW.), but yet it STILL crashes!

I suspect it's the partition on my main drive, but as it's part of the hard drive itself, I'm not sure exactly what to do about it.

Can anyone give me a hand here? :) Thanks!

21.10.2005, 11:08
Please wait for next version, seems some SATA drivers behave a little dirty with scsiport.sys, thus causing the crash during installation.
If you've minidump related to that crash (in Windows\Minidump folder) send it to support@daemon-tools.cc for analysis (with reference to your post in this thread).

21.10.2005, 14:17
Operating System: .
Burning Software: .
Anti-virus Software: .
DAEMON Tools Version: .

You could try making sure you have the latest version of the drivers for your motherboard (and SATA controller if not integrated to the chipset).

22.10.2005, 00:40
Thanks. It's good to know that it's being worked on for next version. I look forward to it.

In the meantime though, I do have updated drivers.

I also tested out Alcohol 120%, and sure enough, it rebooted during installation too. Just future reference for those who want to try Alcohol as well.

I just have a lot of .bin/.cue files that need to be utilized since I got my new computer. :D

(Quick edit)

Anyone know what I can use until then, if I can't use Daemon or Alcohol? I'm perfectly fine with waiting, there's just a couple of crucial utilities that are .iso/.bin/.cue/.img sitting on hard drive that need to be installed ASAP. :) In the meantime, thanks for the replies!

22.10.2005, 06:14
Some people on the Alcohol support forum have reported that temporarily renaming their scsiport.sys, installing Alcohol/DT and then renaming the file back works. You could give that a try. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee it won't mess up your computer. I have not tested or verified that this works. Simply reporting what some users have posted.

23.10.2005, 22:18
I just tried to rename scsiport.sys and install Daemon, however it still crashed. After it rebooted, I checked scsiport.sys (which was renamed to scsiport.sys.old temporarily by me), it had reverted back to it's original file name.

I did some quick research, and apparently, this is some sort of system file protection thing going on. After restoring to a Restore Point I had created earlier, I'm back at square one.

Just FYI, when I bought this computer, it came with one SATA, but with TWO partitions. The second one is LOCKED, and it contains system restore information. After I reboot from a failed Daemon installation, it tells me to check that drive for file consistency. Maybe that's a clue for something?

Hopefully, Daemon 4 will fix this issue soon!