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17.10.2005, 16:23
Operating System: windows xp home edition
Burning Software: alcohol 120%/ Nero plug-in/ WinRar/ UleaD dvd FACTORY/sonic
Anti-virus Software: Norton anti-virus
DAEMON Tools Version: daemon tools 3.47

8) I downloaded and installed daemon tools from the website but when i click on the desktop shortcut or on the root file on program files nothing happens. Did I missed something? Can someone please give me some advice?

17.10.2005, 17:01
Do you see the tray icon?
If not, check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.

17.10.2005, 17:30
8) Thanks for the info, but i problably didn't explain myself well or perhaps i'm to thick since i'm new to the software front. If by tray icon you meand desktop shortcut i have it, but when i click on it nothing happens when the program should come online. If you mean something different perhaps you could describe which is the icon you refer to and where can i find.
once again thanks for the help.

17.10.2005, 18:12
Do you see the tray icon?
If not, check related thread in common problems and solutions forum. 8) Thanks for the info. Anyway, if by tray icon you refer to the folder icon on program files, yes i have it, and when i open it it has subfolders of help, icons, and the Daemon tools home icon, but when i click on it or on dektop icon nothing happens. I went to the website you refer to in common problems and didn't have the solution for my problem. I just don't understand if the software is installed why won't it run full stop?
Thanks very much for the help. (By the way, i am a bit slow on the software front, so go a bit slow on me please.)

17.10.2005, 19:00
No, the tray icon is the icon shown in the system tray near the clock (usually on the bottom right of the windows task bar).

17.10.2005, 20:37
8) Apparantly it works, but if you don't mind me asking, why is that it only works when you click the tray icon and not the desktop shortcut? Again i must convey that my knowledge about software is close to zilch.
Once again thanks for all the help and support (and patience). I think you guys do a great job. Thanks

17.10.2005, 20:44
Operating System: xp sp2
Burning Software: nero, alc
Anti-virus Software: avg
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

If you have disabled the Autostart of Daemon-Tools you have to start it with the Desktop shortcut, and then it is shown in the system tray. :wink:

17.10.2005, 20:45
The desktop icon is just there to launch to program if you don't want if to start with windows.