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18.10.2005, 03:14
I have been a happy user of Daemon Tools and Alcohol for some time.

My new GPU came bundled with Farstone Virtual Drive 9. Being content with my current setup, and somewhat sceptical of a CD Emulator needing 100 MB of disk space, I humbly ask my fellow forum members:

Do You have any experiences with Virtual Drive 9? Good? Bad? Ugly?

19.10.2005, 21:07
i recived Version 7 with my GPU a while back and only installed it as i had to try and reproduce a problem between Alcohol and Farstone Virtual Drive but what i saw from the program didnt impress me at all.

24.10.2005, 12:42
I have no problem with Farstone Virtual Drive 9. it is good software.

24.10.2005, 15:20
I gave the program a try, but it doesn't even work. I created a single virtual drive, but the program listed it as a real drive.

I created an image of Myst V and tried to mount it, but the program won't let me (it thinks the virtual drive is a real one). The image format seems to be compatible to Alcohol, since Alcohol v1.9.5 detected DPM data in the image. I even mounted it in the Alcohol/Dtools virtual drive. But the game didn't start, not because of blacklisting, since I worked around that with QuickMount, but because the DPM data was bad.

To sum it up: the program doesn't work.

09.11.2005, 23:10
I haven't tried out Myst V yet, but it has securom protection; it should work with VirtualDrive; try choosing another option when you create your image file...I think its the Other Protected CD Type - New Securom option.

If VirtualDrive recognizes one of your virtual drives as a physical drive, try uninstalling the drive from Device Manager. You can also go to View-Drives and try changing the drive letter; this should resolve the problem.

I'm using VirtualDrive Pro 10 and there's a lot of new features in this; I think that could be the reason for the large file size. Haven't encountered any problems with it so far.

12.11.2005, 18:52
Does VD10 help with starforce by any chance? As in could I use a Splinter Cell CT image instead of my cd?

13.11.2005, 09:24
VD10 might emulate starforce discs --but only for older versions of starforce. It won't work with SCCT.

13.11.2005, 21:18
Yeah. There newest version had StarForce on it, although I haven't been able to get it to work....:mad: