View Full Version : HDD slow after xp mce 2005 rollup update 2

19.10.2005, 15:10
I installed a new HDD in windows XP MCE 2005. I cloned my "old" one to my new one (200 GB with 8MB buffer, 7200 rpm, Seagate). So far, zo good.

After XP MCE rollup update 2 (published last week by MS) the pc boots really sloooooooooow.

I've looket for the disk-cache setting, and it's enabled. When I analyze the bootproces with "bootvis" (tool from ms), it give's me the warning that the disk isn't using disk-cache.

Has anybody got the same problem after this rollup update 2?
If so, any suggestions about how to solve this problem?


20.10.2005, 20:32
The first thing I'd look after in your situation were the IDE busmaster drivers. Reinstall them after the update. Maybe you're using standard drivers again.

20.10.2005, 21:29
I've reinstalled AGP drivers, IDE drivers, and even a bios update that adresses an IDE issue. But... problem remains.


21.10.2005, 03:01
Just to make sure to understand... your problems showed up after the MCE update, or after 'cloning' and installing the disk?

24.10.2005, 19:19
Sorry for this late reply. Had some trouble logging in.

Yes, it was after the reboot to complete mce2005 rollup update 2. Nothing else changed.

I've solved the problem : it would take me more time (one of the things I don't have = time) to find the problem then to reinstall windows. So I backed up all my personal files and reinstalled windowsMCE2005 with the rollup update 2. All of this took me 5 hours. Now al works like it should be.

I think it was the problem you mentioned : the chipset device drivers where overwritten, but the system didn't let me update them (SIS 648 chipset with ide-driver siside.sys).

Short : I don't know what went wrong by installing the update the first time. Perhaps after few weeks the problem repeats itself. I'll keep you informed.

11.11.2005, 20:18
If UDMA isn't enabled, it will be slow.