View Full Version : I like Daemon Tools

20.10.2005, 02:27
:) I have had the tool (Virtual drive) on my system for a while maybe about a year. Unlike some tools it is very stable. No problems so far.

I've used the tool to check compiled music files (I own the CD's) of some of my music. Burned with Nero Image burner, then play the image using the tool to see if it is what I want and if any problems with the burn or compilation before it is burned to CD. :D :D No coasters this way (I'm cheap). Looking forward to the new Daemon Tool. May or may not use the new one as I can't fault this one. But being human I just HAVE to try it!!
But I'm backing up my tool that I have now. Simple and easy and very stable.

I guess what I want to say is "Thanks for a swell tool. :D :D :D :D :D

13.11.2005, 23:45
Yeah, I agree!:D :D

I love this tool! it plays allmost ALL game Images (as long as I use the right tools;) ) but I have NEVER had any problems reading an image! but still I can't wait till DT4! Finally I can play my SF games!:D

greetz, and keep up the good work

20.11.2005, 04:21
I'm back. I don't do many posts as I like to think on it for a while.:wink:

I downloaded and tried the new "free" DT v4.00. Nothing really wrong with it but seemed to be some tiny bugs. Just nothing you (or me) could put their finger on.:confused: Possible conflict with Nero? I don't know and I don't have the computer savvy to find the real issue. What did I do? I un installed the new DT and then, with forum assistance, (I really read the forum first) I removed the remnants of the v4 install. I then installed my original v3.46 DT and AWXDtools. I feel comfortable with these. For people who are really into gaming, this new version may be the greatest thing since sliced bread.:wink: I just like the virtual DVD/CD player to test my music comps and personally owned DVD movie backups. :D