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15.11.2002, 07:41
hi there,

i was trying to install daemon tool 3.23 but it failed.
every time the installaiton was interrupted with following message:
"The installer was interrupted before DAEMON Tools could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again."
but it doesn't work when i'm restarting the installer. every time the same interrupt :(

i had same problems with the installation of daemon tool 3.20 but those i could solve with an installation by another user on my computer. but now this doesn't work anyway. both user have admin-rights and full access of the file-system.

then i de-installed my daemon-tool 3.20 - and now i have NO daemon-tool, because i also can not re-install the version 3.20 - no way...

i think i have problems with those f... microsoft installer. bye the way i installed the newest microsoft installer (2.0 ?) but no changes ... it's drives me crazy.

any solutions?

thanx leeperry

15.11.2002, 16:46
Run the following command:
msiexec /i daemon.msi /l*v c:\setup.log

Send me setup.log that will be produced.

29.01.2003, 07:55
I ran exactly the same problems...(daemon-tools 3.26 and 3.29 related)
The odd fact is that on my previous win2k system, I had not a problem wityh install/use. Since I reinstalled my os (still win2k);
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I cannot install DaemonTools anymore.

I also tried to start the windows installer service, but it doesn't solve anything...

I tried to run the command you posted in the previous reply, and it produced a log that I send to you right now...



29.01.2003, 08:25
Can you try installing another windows installer based installation. If you want, download DaemonScript (see my signature) which uses windows installer. But you can also try disc juggler, alcohol 120, ms office, and many others...

29.01.2003, 09:11
It installed just fine...
I Can't understand what differs between my previous and fresh win2k systems....

29.01.2003, 09:15
Please do as venom asked and make the seutp log. It is not a problem with windows installer.

29.01.2003, 09:17
I did!
I sent the log to Venom...
Did I send it to someone else???

29.01.2003, 09:19
lol, i figured you would just post it. But that is fine if you sent it to venom.

29.01.2003, 09:21
Anyway I'm glad to see such fast support response...

29.01.2003, 10:51
I received your mail and we'll try to figure out what's happening.