View Full Version : Can install from file but can't run? What am I doing wrong?

27.02.2003, 03:03
I copied my Mafia CD and successfully mounted the image with Daemon tools and installed the game from the image. But when I go to run the game it tells me that the wrong CD is in the CD-ROM drive and although windows explorer recognized the virtual drive and can read from it the game does not.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I switch drive letters or something? Why does it suddenly not work?

27.02.2003, 03:56
HOW did you make a backup? Mafia is protected by SafeDisc v2.70.030. It should be (for the most part);
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copyable. Please post also your burner model/type and settings/burning program you used.

Also, if you made an image, post again, dump software, and settings.