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20.10.2005, 18:24
Operating System: Windows XP x64
Burning Software: Nero, Alcohol
Anti-virus Software: NOD32
DAEMON Tools Version: none at the moment

while waiting for Daemon Tools 4 to be released, i decided to purchase Daemon Tools 3.47 to support you guys and say thanks

the payment went through, and i recieved confirmation emails from share-it

the last one said that i would be getting an email from daemon tools with my licencing information within 48 hours
it has now been a few days and i still have not recieved anything. <shrug>

20.10.2005, 19:58
Operating System: xpsp2
Burning Software: nero,alc
Anti-virus Software: avk
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.47

When your Forum status is Customer, this must be soon, if you have registered it.Then look into the Customer forum section there you find the answer.

20.10.2005, 20:52
we had some problems with connection between ShareIt and our systems,
this will be fixed tonight, sorry for this inconvenience!

20.10.2005, 21:21
thanks for the replies


20.10.2005, 22:10
Operating System: Windows XP pro 64
Burning Software: nero
Anti-virus Software: avk
DAEMON Tools Version: N/A

Thank you for the information I am in the same boat.


23.10.2005, 10:20
yeah, well, same boat here. got the confirmation from shareit ~72 hours ago but still no mail from DT Team...

Well, I'll just try some patience :)

23.10.2005, 10:37
I just hope that it won't be longer than me (seems i've got a complicated name ;) )

23.10.2005, 13:04
Hmm, weird... all posters in this thread have their "Daemon Tools Supporters" thing by now except for me.. hello there? :)

23.10.2005, 15:19
I also registered and was told 48 hours. Although it hasn't been 48 hours yet:-) So guess I'm still on the legal within 48 hours waiting list.
But.....Does it really matter? We know we supported them. Program works fine with or without it saying daemon supporter in our profile.


23.10.2005, 17:05
along with getting the user profile change, you also get access to the "Daemon-Tools Customers" part of the forum

23.10.2005, 17:55
along with getting the user profile change, you also get access to the "Daemon-Tools Customers" part of the forum

Yeah I know that, but since I don't really have any issues with daemon tools its really no biggy for me.

23.10.2005, 21:29
I just posted a sticky about this... Instead of re-posting, I'll just give you the link (http://www2.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=6160).