View Full Version : cd speed never applicable to audio CDs?

20.10.2005, 18:52
I'm playing an audio CD right now in my LITE-ON LTR-40125S burner. Does setting the read speed with a tool such as ImgBurn have no effect (i.e. applies to data CDs only)? I even tried re-selecting a very high speed every second to no effect. The drive plays back the audio at a slow and mostly noiseless speed.

20.10.2005, 19:51
:?: :?: I'm wondering why you wanna change the reading speed of played audio CDs :?:

20.10.2005, 20:29
Try CD-Bremse (http://cdbremse.dyndns.org/cdbremse.htm) (cd brake). The tool's language is german, and the website looks rather pesky - but it might work for you. The interface is self-explaining, though.

20.10.2005, 20:34
will check it out.

20.10.2005, 21:26
I'd figure you would want your drive to play audio cds at a low speed, my 52 speed cdrom drive sounds like a vacuum cleaner.