View Full Version : Links and smileys not working any more

23.10.2005, 13:24
Hey folks over there at DT headquarters :)

Since you started the new version of your website links in old threads pointing to other (old) posts or (old) threads don't seem to work any more. There also seems to be a problem with the smileys as I don't see them any more but instead those browser thing letting me know that the image doesn't exist..

Have fun fixing this.. :)


BTW: problem is: URL used to be
and now is

hope that helps.

23.10.2005, 21:47
We're already aware of this; I don't know wether the problem with old links is going to be fixed or not. If some smileys from older posts are broken, well, that's probably just going to stay that way as well; all problems with current posts will be sorted out in the next days, we're working on ironing out the last glitches with our new portal and forum backend.