View Full Version : Daemon-tools in windows xp x64 pro

23.10.2005, 18:21
Can I use daemon-tools in the windows xp x64 edition?

23.10.2005, 19:32
Not till v4.0 is released.
If you try to install DT v3.47, you'll have weird problems.

23.10.2005, 19:38
cant they release an beta of it, i bored cant do nff on my pc :(

23.10.2005, 19:44
nah, beta stage is for chosen one only... And that's better to my mind, coz we'll need to wait a little longer for the blacklisting problem...

23.10.2005, 19:49
tell me me more about it

23.10.2005, 19:52
I wish I could... but I'm not one of the chosen :)
And even if I could, I think I won't say anything about it.

23.10.2005, 20:14
i've searched the announcements forum etc.. but i didnt get...
WHEN 4.0 is about to be released?


23.10.2005, 20:38
WHEN it's done.

24.10.2005, 19:49
someone have an other (temporary) way for mounting images under x 64

24.10.2005, 20:05
Run Linux on x64, or else dual boot with a 32 bit OS.

24.10.2005, 20:06
fantom CD, there's a beta for the x64 OS.
Does not mount every alcohol or blindwrite image files... on the other side, it cannot emulate protections...

25.10.2005, 20:54
fantom cd,i dont find an beta of it :s maybe help ??

26.10.2005, 03:18
fantom cd,i dont find an beta of it :s maybe help ??
You dont want it, it doesnt mount MDS correctly. I have the beta of it. if you google "FantomDVD_Beta_20050524" you probly can find someone still with it, although I wouldnt recomend useing it.

26.10.2005, 09:46
Try with the filedisk..It is an alternative..I does the job good, but cannot emulate any protection..and the interface is not one of the best..but till the v4 is released it can do some job..

26.10.2005, 13:58
you could also run a virtual pc, copy the files down to your real machine and install it.
i tought is cant work because he thinks it is needed from a cd but i installed age of empires III successfully with this method.
the installer shouts an error "file not found" or equal when the cd1 is complete.
just insert the cue/mds... in the virtual machine, drag and drop it to the real and replace the files of the previous cd (cd2->cd1) and continue to install (click "retry")

26.10.2005, 17:44
Thanks for not releasing the beta yet, too much of the commercial software I have seems to still be in beta, Daemon tools is one of the few things I can count on to work correcly!