View Full Version : Daemon Tools Registration

23.10.2005, 22:21
Hi everyone,

we know that everyone who registered Daemon Tools waits for getting "Daemon Tools Supporters" status, along with access to the Customers forum. However, we're currently very busy with the preparations for the launch of Daemon Tools v4 and the transition to the new portal (although the new portal has obviously been launched already, there are still some glitches to be ironed out and some things to be added).

Furthermore, please remember: We only receive word from share*it about a new customer after they have received the money. If you pay by credit card, that should usually be pretty quickly, if you pay by cheque or wire the money, it will take a few days that will delay the whole process.

We try to give the new status to everybody who registered within 48 hours after we receive confirmation of their order, but if it takes longer, please bear with us, these days we're really up to our necks in work. If you feel you've been forgotten, send me a PM (http://www2.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/private.php?do=newpm&u=61) or an email (netsoerfer@daemon-tools.cc) and I'll see to it that your status will be changed as soon as possible.

Right now our top priority is getting DT Pro released, which should be in everybody's interest. So if we don't make it within the first 48 hours, please be patient - it's just because we want to get the new Daemon Tools to you as soon as we can.