View Full Version : Daemons Tools Screwed up my Cd and DVD drive!

24.10.2005, 00:35
i have been using daemons tools for years no problem, but one time after I installed a game and then erased the iso, thinking what was the use of having it. i realized i still had to have the game mounted in order to play it. So i tried system restore to possibly get the iso back, and that dosent work, instead my cd and dvd drive stops working. (i get a yellow exclimation point next to the drives in device manager and when i click on them it says)

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

they are still recognized by the system but they just wont work, even after uninstalling them and reinstalling them again.

what do i do!!

Windows xp home SP2
Latest daemon version
just deleted roxio easy cd creator 7 after reading about it in READ BEFORE POSTING thread

i put this in the bug report section as well**

24.10.2005, 11:11
What gave you the idea that Daemon Tools screwed up your cd-drive?
If you misused the system restore function as some kind of undelete YOU screwed up your system.

24.10.2005, 11:14
you may take a look to the "common problems and solutions"
forum how to remove daemon tools completely. It's the
first thread

24.10.2005, 12:46
try uninstalling your Secondary IDE Channel (if thats where your drives are located) in device Manager. That usually fixes a few problems.

24.10.2005, 19:59
And finally, remember that Google is your friend. There are plenty of 'undelete' tools, freeware, shareware and commercial, that will easily have restored the ISO as long as it was not partially over written by another file.

System restore is exactly that - a restore service for your *system* - meaning *system* files.