View Full Version : How to manually uninstall 3.29

24.10.2005, 07:50

Have severe problems with my WIN XP after installing daemon tools 3.29. Due to the old links not working on this forum I did not find information about which files to delete from the win drivers folder & windows registry.

Btw, as the filenames tend to change by version, a list of files that are installed with each different version of DT would be a good list to have. Or if somebody could write a program that unistalls all possible versions of DT....

Thanks in advance!

24.10.2005, 09:12
Same problem here. I tried to install daemon tools, but the computer crashed with a blue screen. ;-(
After this I my CD burner doesn't work anymore. Neither with Nero, nor with any other program. The error message: "speed error".
So how can I manually deinstall the left over driver/files/registry settings/whatever of daemon tools?!
Btw: Daemon tools also don't work.

24.10.2005, 09:27
Try this uninstallation method:

24.10.2005, 10:51
Manual removal of such old version is mentioned in these threads:
Reboot after the procedure(s).