View Full Version : When I Mount My Image Nothing Happens.

25.10.2005, 01:26
The last time i mounted the image it went to the install screen for that game. but now it just dosent do anything. can anyone help please.

25.10.2005, 01:34
Maybe problems with the (Windows) Installer?
please some more infos.

25.10.2005, 02:47
It doesn't do anything with this image, or with all images? Just so you know, some installation programs don't launch again if the game is already installed. Not even a start-up menu is shown.

25.10.2005, 06:17
What game are you talking about? How did you create the image (program name and version and settings used)?

25.10.2005, 10:36
i have un-installed the game before and i am trying to use daemon tools to re-install it. the game is football manager 2006. what other information do u need to be able to help me.

25.10.2005, 10:56
You still haven't answered Underheaven's question which is the most important. What program and what settings did you use to make the image?