View Full Version : No virtual Drives

25.10.2005, 12:32
Operating System: XP Home Sp2
Daemon Tools: : 3.47

I have a problem with my daemon tools. My virtual drives don't appear. I've read about a file named cdrom.inf in your inf directory of windows. But i have that file. So do you guys plz can help me?

25.10.2005, 12:40
have you configured dt for virtual drives.
right click the taskbar icon, there should be an option to enable virtual drives

25.10.2005, 12:43
I have one drive enabled. so that shoulnd't be the problem i think

25.10.2005, 12:46
you've lost me. wait, and hope that someone else answers:)

25.10.2005, 12:52
What do you mean, you have cdrom.inf? You mean you DON'T have it?
Try to google for it then, place it into the mentioned directory and try again.

25.10.2005, 12:54
i mean the file is located in my "c:\windows\inf" directory

25.10.2005, 13:03
What's the problem then?
In properties of the virtual device click on install or update driver, point to cdrom.inf and you're done.
Ensure the mentioned drivers are installed afterwards. If there're any additional filter drivers installed, post the names.

25.10.2005, 20:08
thnx copytrooper!! you helped me allot! it's works now and i nmow i can play my game with out the cd/dvd