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25.10.2005, 18:03
I am having the sme sort of problems as others. New comp: Athlon 64 running xp mediacenter. When I try to install, my pc reboots before the end of installation. Then I get an error saying I need to delete drivers... when I try the install file again. I have done the steps in the sticky on the other forum(deleting driver...). I have no starforce programs. I do have media card readers and did try to disable those like previously suggested, with no luck.

Any suggestions???

I sent my mindump file.

thanks in advance,


25.10.2005, 18:13
You've also well known crash with some driver behaving "dirty" with scsiport.sys; probably some SATA or card reader driver.
Please wait for next version, it will have special workaround for such "dirty" drivers and thus no BSOD/crash should be caused by them anymore.