View Full Version : I am having problems reading a BWS file, please help.

26.10.2005, 02:08
Is there anything special I must do in order to make this run? It just tells me that the image is not accessible.

I have four files with the following types, 1 BWS, 1 BWI, 1 BWT, and 1 NET].

26.10.2005, 06:24
You'll need the BlindWrite plugin, I think. Also, what game is this? And did you create the files using the "automatic" profile in Blindwrite?

And what on earth is a NET file? BlindWrite doesn't create anything like that.

26.10.2005, 09:24
I uploaded the BW Plugin (http://rapidshare.de/files/6772569/bw5mount.dll.html) ;)
I use DT 3.47 and it's already integrated in my version.
You have to copy the dll into the DTDirectory\Plugins\Images