View Full Version : First time daemon tool user...help!

Fates Warning
01.03.2003, 06:48
Greetings! I have a .BIN file to burn to a cd. I was told to use your utility! I followed your online manual instructions but I am so new to this stuff I haven't the slightest idea how to do it. Here's how far I've gotten:

1)right-clicked DT icon in tray
2)chose virtualcd/cdrom
3)chose devise 0
4)chose mount image
5)browsed for .Bin file
5a) actually had to type name of the file cause it wouldn't copy and paste for me
5b) the file is in a folder on my desktop
6)renamed to .ISO
7)clicked open
8)wouldn't open because : "File not found. Please verify the correct file name was given"
9) renamed back to .BIN - samething happened

Please help!

01.03.2003, 06:56
And where did you get this .bin file? Be warned that no support will be provided and that warez is NOT tolerated on this board.

You must mount the associated .cue file, not the .bin file.