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26.10.2005, 22:54

I know that you don't wan't all of our computers to crash at the same time when using your great utility V4, and therefore you've spent alot of time betatesting it. This is good ^^

But i was thinking, woulden't it be better to test it on like 1000k computers than on like 10 (or whatever) this will also give you a better compability test, with all sorts of OS etc etc.

Anyway, all should k now that there is also a risiko running a beta program on their computer, but still, many of us would be willing to take that wisk, without blinking.

There is only like 1-2 weeks left before the release now, and therefore, what would be better than some heavy thorow beta testing the last week?


26.10.2005, 23:45
You are probably gonna get a big fat NO for an answer.
This question has been up before.

27.10.2005, 00:21
I vote for internal Beta testing and bug fixes later!

27.10.2005, 02:05
Public betas are very useful for free (with capital 'f' or not) software. But DTools 4 isn't free, so there you go.

27.10.2005, 15:46
Search the forums for answers. That's what the big search button at the top of every page is for.