View Full Version : Daemon lagging up and cant access windows explorer

27.10.2005, 02:28
i install this program, when i resetted my computer, i couldnt access my windows explorer or anything, all i been doing is trying to uninstall. doing through command prompt isnt easy. When i try to open my computer or a shortcut to my local disk drive it just lags up. i cant do anything at all, only way i can move around is using Command Prompt, even when i open task manager and try to do a new task and browse it just freezes up

27.10.2005, 05:45
Are you able to remove DAEMON Tools (albeit slowly)?

27.10.2005, 09:32
Try using a custom un-installer instead of the windows one.

27.10.2005, 13:06
Or you can use some kind of LiveCD, like Knoppix,Ubuntu or WindowsPE (PEBuilder).:rolleyes:
When you have an LiveCD you can boot from it and remove the Daemon-Tools drivers manually. Look into Common Problems and Solutions Forum for manually removing, the first thread.