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28.10.2005, 00:55
Hi. I try running a certain game and it says that the disk is not found. I'm using the virtual drive, though, but I guess the game isn't checking it for the CD. Is there any way to force the game to check the virtual drive/make the virutal drive the default drive, or is this some protection thing that I can't get around without some crack? If you can help, thanks.

28.10.2005, 01:06
Which game do you mean?
What copy protection do the game have?
You could search in the registry for an entry.
(hkey_localmashiene or hkey_current user\software\name of thefirma which created the game\name of the game\-->search for an entry which contains the default drive)

28.10.2005, 04:37
tombini, when AnalCobra mentioned the registry, he was mentioning an alternative to uninstalling your game, ejecting the real cd, mounting the image file, then installing from the virtual drive.
Some games remember the drive letter they were installed from.

You should answer AnalCobra's questions about what game, what copy protection, etc.