View Full Version : Windows 64-bit support in the next version

29.10.2005, 18:03
I have read som of the other topics on this forum, but I am still not sure if Windows XP 64-bit is going to be supported in the next version. Can someone confirm this?

29.10.2005, 18:32
Yes, there will be support for windows XP 64-bit. Whell that's all i'm waiting for... Daemon Tolls v4... :wink:

Alexei Kubarev
29.10.2005, 18:43
Everyone is waitinig for DT4... but i hope none of you will start posting even more: When is it going to be released!

31.10.2005, 01:29
I am glad there will be x64 support. :) Can't wait till it's out. I'm sure it will kick @$$. :D