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03.03.2003, 08:59
Ok I come back.

1 - Would it be possible to Map a real CD/DVD Drive.??
With that feature, it would be possible to burn the CD-Image and to Apply SafeDisc/Securom on Burned CD/DVD

2 - Would it be possible to offer an API that permit external programmers to add protection emulation / file treatement??

3 - Would it be possible to offer an API that permit external programmers to add CD/DVD Images compatibility ??
With that feature, no more thread with GDI file support, an external Programmers could provide it's own dll with GDI file support
and users could download it on an external site
no legacy prob for daemon tools and happy users

--> The idea is to make like Virtual Dub a programm that permit multiple API . WIth that Virtual Dub becam a programm that can do a LOT of things
and every body use it.

03.03.2003, 10:48
1) Map a real cdrom to where? A drive letter (well now, this would make absolutely no sense)? A folder (winnt has this feature)? As for safedisc, it is (afaik) applied to ALL cdroms when emulation is enabled. Acts as a filter driver, if i'm not mistaken.

2) I emailed you daemonapi (older version). You could email swenske for updated one.

3) I discussed this with venom, and he thought it would be pointless; how many image formats exist and how many can you obtain permission/legally use?

btw, with daemonapi, you can create a full gui replacement with all the features of the tray icon.

03.03.2003, 16:15
1 - Map a real cdrom to where? A drive letter
-> yes It would permit on the fly treatment

2 - I well receive the daemon Api but I don't think it is what I need ??
I am looking a that actually:
I don't want to make a new daemontools (yours perfect)

I would like too add a personnal treatment to your product
(I download the last daemon tools and i put my compatible Cd-treatment dll (witch match with a description that you give) in a specific path (daemonTools\plugins\ for exemple))
and in the contextual menu there is Securom, Safedisc and Guigui treatment

(If i have a cd and a Patch I must Apply on a file of the Cd I would like to use our tool to map the CD and a treatement DLL that would apply the patch when I am reading the specific file
So I could copy the Mapped CD Without extracting, patching and recreating a CD
It is just to win time and space Disk)

3 - If you don't want to do it don't do it
the idea was just to let you stay completely Legal (You don't make support for unauthorized Image file format , you let user create their own file Format)

and make user happy

But if you think that even with that you take too many risk for your product don't do it
it was just a suggestion to bypass legacy probleme

04.03.2003, 07:51
You are right and idea is good. It was proposed many times already. The reason why it has not been done yet - very complex to do and very much work. In fact your DLL also must be a kernel driver (vxd/sys) and many compatibility problems arise with different versions - internal structures of driver change almost with every version.

04.03.2003, 09:02

I have not see that so hard :-(

I had seen that more like :

in the DLL :
Read File

And that DLL could recall a Daemon DLL that would do the same thing but natural (without treatement)

But It's real that their must be a big job if the actual daemon does not "prepare" this architecture

Else do what you can/want do

Your product is really great

Good continuation