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30.10.2005, 10:52
Yeah is there going to be a new update so that daemon Runs on Windows x64 Editions?

As i have the fully working version of x64 but i reverted back to win32 cause i miss my daemon :P

(Think its beta not sure)

Thanks for any help Cya

30.10.2005, 10:53
Ah come one, read around abit and you will find a dozen threads like this.

30.10.2005, 10:56
Sorry But id sooner post a new post than look through hundreds of posts

30.10.2005, 11:07
Actually this information is explained in the fifth item in the Common Problems and Solutions forum :wink:

30.10.2005, 11:32
That's EXACTLY what the search function was made for!
Just another not needed, redundantly thread.