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30.10.2005, 15:24
What prompted me to install Daemon Tools earlier today was one specific task I'm trying to achieve. I want to 'decrypt' a few score of WMA files that I downloaded from Tesco UK some months ago, originally used to burn a CD for my wife. I'd now like to listen to the tracks on my PC, but they won't play in my prefered player, MediaMonkey. They do play in WMP9, Creative Player etc, but I use MediaMonkey for its library facilities, so I'd prefer to play the music there. The WMAs are apparently 'encrypted' or 'licensed' - i.e. they have this DRM stuff preventing my using them as freely as I believe I should be able to, bearing in mind I paid for them.

The method I used so far is to play each WMA in WMP9 while recording in Goldwave, and then saving with a new name, but that's rather tedious and I'm hoping to find a quicker way.

Elsewhere, after much googling, I found the following guidance:
1. Copy the CDs to the disk file image .NRG with Nero.
2. Mount image file as virtual CD drive.
3. Setup from that.

I have Nero Express (part of OEM package that came with my DVD writer a few months ago) and I've just done step 1, ending up with a .nrg file about 1GB in size. I've now used Daemon to 'mount' that file. But what do I do now please? IOW, what does "Setup from that" really mean?

Any no-brainer help would be much appreciated please.

Terry, West Sussex, UK

30.10.2005, 16:27
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean but if its the same as installing software you should be able to mount the image file in Daemon tools then just look for the setup.exe file or install.exe or whatever and double click it.
If it doesn't have to be installed it should just run when you mounted it.
Anyway check to see if you have a setup file there by either remounting the image file or double clicking on the drive icon in my computer, once it's installed you should be able to run it from either a shortcut or from All Programs.
Not sure if this helps or not. hope so.

30.10.2005, 16:56
Thanks, appreciate your post. Perhaps I wasn't as clear as I should have been. 'Setup from that' was actually the guidance I was quoting. I wasn't sure what steps it meant. It wasn't a reference to the installation setup of Daemon.

Anyway, I'm pleased to say the mental block is now sorted. As is usually the case, it's a lot clearer once you've done it once :)
With my NRG file mounted in the virtual drive G:, I simply ripped that to a folder on my HD. The resultant WMA files can now be played in MediaMonkey!

Terry, West Sussex, UK

30.10.2005, 17:04
You've downloaded wma files, right?
So buren these wma files as an audio cd with nero.
You could burn it on a cdrw or change the burner into the image recorder, so he creates an image and don't burn it on a cd.
Now you can mount the image file(nrg) with Daemon-Tools or if you have burned it on a cdrw put it in your drive and play it with your favourite player.
You could rip the tracks from the cd (image) in the mp3 format now, if you want. Then it should work with your mediaplayer, too.
For ripping use CDex: http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/
Hope you'll understand it!

30.10.2005, 19:02
Yes, thanks, successfully finished it with Daemon and MediaMonkey, using that approach.

Terry, West Sussex, UK