View Full Version : Original CDROM won't read!!

31.10.2005, 05:25
Im new here so pardon me if i posted into a wrong place.. After I installed DTools, the original CDROM won't read any disk I insert into the CD Drive! Even after I tried uninstalling DTools! Whats wrong?:confused: Im so in despair.. Help!!!

31.10.2005, 05:33
Do you still have a drive letter for the physical cd-rom?

31.10.2005, 07:48
What do you mean? When you insert a CD, can you browse its contents with the file manager (Windows explorer)? Is it even listed as a drive?

09.11.2005, 10:17
Drive letter for physical cd-rom? something like (E:) ? I think I have :confused:
What I meant, when I insert any CDs, the CD Drive won't read its contents. If I click the CD Drive icon, a message poped up "Please insert a disk into drive (E:)" But the disk IS there! It happened after I installed D-Tools.. Help! Help! Someones gonna kill me if they knew I messed up the computer! (which they hasn't know yet)

09.11.2005, 13:21
Try this: My Computer Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, go to the drive that causing problems, right click, uninstall, ok to the warning, and reboot. After reboot, the Drive should reinstall.
Whose pc is it anyway??

13.11.2005, 23:50
Did you activate any options with Daemon Tools (Securom , safedisk ETC..) ? Did you deactivate them before uninstalling ?

16.11.2005, 22:17
My cd rom reads all cd's except Video Games. Safedisc is off! someone help

17.11.2005, 00:00
My cd rom reads all cd's except Video Games. Safedisc is off! someone helpPlease explain it with a bit more detail.

18.11.2005, 04:20
I see what the problem is, now Windows repeatedly tells you to insert a disk, even when there's a CD in the CD drive.

Thus, there's probably a problem with the Windows disk driver settings. This don't look good. You may be required to reformat the HDD and reinstall Windows. Sorry on this one. :confused:

You are required to reinstall Windows if none of the suggestions work.

18.11.2005, 07:11
Does Nero detect any CD Drives or Burners? Can you burn something on a black disc with any burning program?

30.11.2005, 15:54
Is it really bcoz of d DTools that messed my CDROM? Or is it bcoz of my PC had reached some kinda limit that whatever stuffs I install next, the CDROM will eventually be busted afterall?? Anyone have an alternative way?? I'm really in distress rite now. Nothing seems to work!

30.11.2005, 19:49
Is it really bcoz of d DTools that messed my CDROM?
Nothing seems to work!

You could try putting your CDROM inside another computer and see if it works there.