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31.10.2005, 10:43
Hey guys, Ive never had a problem with Dameon tools before, been using it for years but now its seriosuly screwed up.

I unistalled Daemon Tools 3.46, then downloaded 3.47 and tried to install. Every freaking time towards the end of the installation it says:

Device setup error code: code 25009(0x61B1), -536870389. Contact your support personnel.

Can anyone help me, Ive tried to get rid of every bit of D-Tools 3.46 but the blasted thing just wont install and I am completely confused.

Cheers for any help, thanks,

31.10.2005, 10:57
Argggggg I dont know what the hell is up with this.
Now I cant even install my old version 3.46, it comes up with a very similar error.

I dont understand, I just deleted my old D-Tools, downloaded the new 3.47 and it just wont blinking install. This hasnt happned before when i updated previous version of D-Tools.

31.10.2005, 12:02
jus a lil update,
Ive delted the d346bus.sys and d346prt.sys files from my my version of D tools and tryed installing d3.47 and it still wont work.

Ive gone into my regedit and followed the steps on how to compeltely remove D tools but most of the things that I am meant to delete are not there so I cant delete them.

Also in my device manager the virtual drives are not their( probably because when i unistalled d3.46 they were properly uninstalled.

I am completely stumped, when i try to install d3.46 or d3.47 noen of them work they come up with teh same error mentioned in my first post.
I dont know how to completley get this off my system so I can try and reinstall it properly again, alcohol comes up with the same error as well when I tryed to install that.

I just really want to get my mounting abilities back, so please I need all the help I can get.

31.10.2005, 12:22
Look here (http://www2.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?p=25341)

this is mentioned in the linked thread but load the Windows registry editor (regedit.exe or regedt32.exe for Win2k) and examine your registry permissions. Make sure SYSTEM and Administrator and Administrators (but especially SYSTEM) have full permissions (all checkboxes checked on allow (not deny) and not white or greyed)

to these registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\R oot\SYSTEM\000x
(where x can be any number-- depends per machine. Try giving full permission to all the subkeys, ex. 0001, 0002, 0003, 0004 just to be thorough.)

p.s. don't forget the to replace owner (take ownership) and replace ACL's on the parent keys and enable propagation to all child keys.

p.p.s. Info like this can be found by searching the forum for 25009.

31.10.2005, 15:02
UnderHeaven thanks for your helpful reply.
However I am a n00b when it comes to things like the registry, and what I really need is a step by step, n00b friendly guide to do this.

I know its hard to fully explian my problem via typing, yet I need to make sure everything of d tools is gone off my system before I can try and re install 3.47.

For example when i go into the regedit and try and find the things to delete they are not under the headings etc that the help thread states in the common problems forum.

Basiaclly i think i need a n00b friendly guide to help me do this:D

Cheers for any help though,

EDIT: Ive now done the permission thing for all the 000x numbers

It goes from 0000 to 0014, and ive put the administration to Administrators and SYSTEM.

After doing this will the installation of Daemon tools work?

***2nd Edit***

Just to clarify reading about the post you linked to, I havent installed any other program such as AntiBlaxx or whatever its called. I simple removed 3.46 from my computer and tried to instal 3.47 and it wouldnt work.
Was it necassary for me to set all the permissions in the reg?

31.10.2005, 15:25
Well Ive just tryed to reinstall D tools ...AND IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!

So it must of been down to those permission sets.

I find it strange though how I just tryed to deinstall my old d tools to update and it screwed up the permissions.

I probably dont understand how it works but THANKYOU Under Heaven, I really REALLY appreciate your help.

God bless you.
Thanks again,