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31.10.2005, 13:36
I was just wandering how to analyze a minidump. Recently I was having probs on my pc where it would blue screen:mad: . I used WinDbg to have a look at the minidumps, but I couldn't find anything that would help me. For future probs, what do you look for, and is WindDbg ok to use a problem finder.
Cheers to Copytrooper for help me out recently with the BSOD.

31.10.2005, 13:47
Yes, use windbg from MS to analyze minidumps. What you should also do, is open windbg, go to File -> Symbol File Path and insert the following line into the box:


Then save and exit. This will force windbg to download the necessary symbol files direct from MS each time. It will be a little slower because it has to download them, but it will also be much more accurate.

31.10.2005, 13:53
I have the symbols files, I downloaded them. I also have configured Windbg to download needed symbol files. I need to know what to look for in the minidump. All I can see is numbers and device addresses, and I dunno what it all means.

31.10.2005, 13:55
Not sure if you have read anything similar or read this at all, but check out