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31.10.2005, 22:43
I think it is great that the dev team postponed V4 and saved all us users from a serious bug.
It shows that the team is dedicated to putting out a quality product. This is getting more and more rare these days.
I for one would rather wait and wait, then get a prog that is bugged.
And besides, just pretend V4 won't come out till christmas or somehting, then you will be happy when it's out Novemberish.

01.11.2005, 00:31
Yeah, but if they released a nice bugged version, think of all the entertainment value we could get from the people kept saying they wanted it, complaining. ;)

01.11.2005, 02:32
I've signed up just to give my support... as a fellow developer, I know what its like when you think you're almost there. These guys are developing a quality product, the same product they have worked on all this time - FOR FREE.

It would be nice if this kind of testing and quality assurance went into products that we actually paid for (read: Microsoft, EA Games, etc.), but imagine how much time and efford will be saved by NOT having to install a patch every other day.

These kind of things, unfortunately, take as long as they take, but I take off my hat to this team of developers and will look into purchasing the pro version when that comes out to keep this project running.

Good work guys!

01.11.2005, 03:04
Yes, this would be very funny lol
then we wouldn't have all the kiddys anymore until they reinstall windows :D
But really respect to the PROgrammerz, i hope the bug isn't too serious =)
I like the work of them and you should like it too! I know it isn't easy to say that daemon-tools v4 is delayed, because everyone expected it to be released on 31. October, but I think it's better, so i can wait just a lil bit until it's finished =)
"Vorfreude ist die schönste freude =) " (Sry for the german language ^^)
All the german (fan)boyz know what I mean ;)
Didn't know how to explain it in english...

01.11.2005, 11:53
"Vorfreude ist die schönste freude"
[...] Didn't know how to explain it in english...

"Anticipation is the greatest pleasure" or "Anticipatory joy is the greatest joy", something like that... I found no actual translation for that, but it's along those lines :)

01.11.2005, 22:34
How about "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"...and we can all agree we get fonder and fonder of Daemon Tools V4 :)

But seriously, Kudos to the programmers for a fantastic product that makes LAN Party's much better when you don't have to card around a bunch of CD's to get stolen, stepped on, or lost. I'm a leacher that hasn't registered yet, but with V4 I'll support a great product.

02.11.2005, 05:48
You should register now as it can take up to 48 hours to get your customer status assigned on this website.