View Full Version : BSOD 'Kmode exception not handled'

04.03.2003, 03:33
:roll: I'm running Win2k sp3 - Nero 5.5 - no easy cd creator in any shape or form - Adaptec ASPi drivers 4.60 - Promise fastrack lite RAID striped...

Trying to install DT ver 3.29. got BSOD 'Kmode exception not handled'
managed to uninstall DT 3.29 and came running straight here.

noticed in Device manager, under system devices that 'plug and play bios extension' has a code 31 error ( windows cannot load drivers for this device )

Any suggestions gratefully received.

04.03.2003, 08:43
Can you please send the last minidump after your BSOD?