View Full Version : Urgently problem help me !!

01.11.2005, 10:11
I installed deamon tool and it didn't work..so I try to install deamon tool again(already uninstall) while waiting for installing...there show window express this

"Some driver has invalid name or conflicts with other file or servive in system .Please choos other driver name or make sure you have rebooted after removal of software using same name"

I try so many times but it doesn't any work...
Can you help me !!!!! thank for your kind.... ;)

01.11.2005, 11:23
When I got that error, I renamed "bus driver name"
and "miniport driver name", to anything but the default settings,
worked okay after that.

01.11.2005, 11:57
I had that problem. I uninstalled Alcohol 120, installed DT and then installed Alcohol *weird* I didn't have that problem before

01.11.2005, 12:06
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