View Full Version : Internal Error 2755. 1641, E:TEMP\daemon\daemon.msi (Win NT)

04.03.2003, 10:31
When installing 3.29 on Win NT
I get internal error 2381
and then
2755. 1641, E:TEMP\daemon\daemon.msi (Win NT)

What does it mean?

04.03.2003, 10:38
2381: Directory does not exist: [2]
2755: Server returned unexpected error [2] attempting to install package [3]
1641: The installer has started a reboot

What version of winnt are you running? 4, 2k, or xp?

I would guess something is wrong with the temp directory, maybe it has incorrect permissions set, or does not exist.

04.03.2003, 11:37
I am running the Windows NT 4.

Full error text is
while "Copying new files"
Internal Error 2381. D:\Program Files\D-Tools\
and then immediately, while "Rolling back action"
Internal Error 2755. 1641, E:\TEMP\daemon1\daemon.msi

All the directories seem to be ok.

04.03.2003, 11:50
I have tried to install DT on C:, where the winnt is installed.
DT gave me another errors:
Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25006. Contact your support personnel.
Internal Error 2755. 1641, E:\TEMP\daemon\daemon.msi

04.03.2003, 15:53
Have you installed Windows Installer 2.0 engine? Reboot if you did it and try setup again.

05.03.2003, 08:10
I have installed Windows Installer 2.0 and rebooted.
When installing to "D:\Program Files\D-Tools\" it gives
"Error 1317. An error occurred while attempting to create the directory: D:\Program Files"
When installing to C:
"Error 25001. Device setup error: code 25006. Contact your support personnel."

06.03.2003, 10:04
First error just means you don't have permissions on that folder.
Second error means you must clean registry from previous setup -
look into HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Root branch and try to delete LEGACY_ST3MP28 key. If you can't delete it due to permissions - mail me and i will tell you how to do it.