View Full Version : OFFICIAL Starforce forum!!!

02.11.2005, 10:28

04.11.2005, 22:41
its at last by the way

05.11.2005, 07:43
I know your joking, but still. Read the forum rules there. They're very restrictive.

You're barely allowed to mention the names of other forums. Not to mention emulation which is thought of as 'other intellectual property violations' over there.

05.11.2005, 07:48
Oh, one more rule:

Also, if you want to start somekined of ANTI-StarFORCE thread - remember - this is not a good place to do it. We know what you think about us and it will be no news for us here. Have a nice stay on our forums!

05.11.2005, 09:17
Yeah, yeah, yeah. "StarForce strikes the pirates" it says on the homepage. Too bad it also strikes eveyone else.

05.11.2005, 09:35
haha nice post you made Niko, I just read it on their boards..

05.11.2005, 10:35
Nice. BUt you can't discuss there how to hack Starforce.

05.11.2005, 13:21
1. You should avoid using term Malware in relation to SF, because this is a false claim. Consider this a warning.

2. The SF installs drivers that are not hidden, There is no need to hide thier presence. Drivers are legitime and sessential part of the protection.
(You might be surprised, but DT, Alcohol, your burning sofrware and even DirectX have drivers)O.K. for number 2 at least they are not addressing the issue of why you have to click 'show hidden devices' in device manager to see the Starforce components.

Maybe the programming authors think like this:
IF my program involves D.R.M. ---> I can take unlimited liberties on the end users system