View Full Version : never winter nights ( I have no cd burner )

05.03.2003, 09:51
Hi everyone before I say anything I want you all to know that I am totally new to this ( but you prolly already know this as I have no cd burner ). ok I have never winter nights iso cd1 cd2 cd3...I mount the first nwn-cd1.ccd and it instals fine. when its done it asked me for cd2 or a path. I have tried to give it the path of where nwn-cd2.ccd is but it just says ?????????wow I just tried it again to you guys the message I was getting and I think I got it to work rofl. I prolly should just delete this message but I am not going to do that. As I like this DEAMONS and I will be using it for a long time and will have more questions SO IF YOU ARE READING THIS I WANT YOU TO TOTALLY FLAME ME AS I AM AN IDIOT. remember the name Raz as I will have lots more dumb questions :?

05.03.2003, 19:03
whoa, I'm really impressed, where did you get those drugs?

Seriously though, this post was absolutely unnecessary and only helped cluttering the forum. You should indeed have deleted it.

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